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WebCenter Content Management Software

A solution that helps your team manage the process of creating, updating, and approving content so you can bring products to market faster.

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How WebCenter Content Management Works

Content is every element that makes up a label or package on a consumer product. It must be created and approved, often at a rapid pace. The input of multiple stakeholders makes managing content data tricky at best, yet inaccuracy is unacceptable.

WebCenter Content Management allows you to specify, manage, and reuse content like text, claims, symbols, barcodes, and other content for use on packaging artwork, labels, leaflets, IFUs, and more. The solution allows you to manage and structure content without the need to manually copy and paste content from spreadsheets, documents, and other sources. Your teams can reuse approved content both in the artwork and for regulatory bodies through WebCenter in submission-ready file formats.

Identify and define deliverables, tasks, roles, information, and existing assets for the project kick off

Designers receive task notifications with all they need to create or update the labels, artwork, or content

Multiple reviewers provide annotations and feedback before approving the content through a single viewer that tracks comments and approvals

Artwork, labels, and content are ready to distribute to the next step, including print, digital channels, and regulatory submission

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What You Can Do with WebCenter Content Management

Packaging Content Management

WebCenter Packaging Content Management allows you to manage creation, approval, and reuse of text statements, barcodes, symbols, and other content that goes on artwork. It allows you to produce compliant packaging and avoid costly and time-consuming content mistakes, all while allowing your content teams to be more productive.

  • Eliminate error-prone manual processes
  • Reuse content across multiple projects
  • Export to and from other systems in industry standard formats

Structured Content Management

Structured Content Management allows you to create, approve, translate, and transfer content directly in WebCenter. Reduce risk by standardizing the content collation process, defining content ownership, promoting content reuse, and tracking changes for IFUs, leaflets, and other documents for submission to regulatory bodies.

  • Update content faster with impact reports to assess and initiate change
  • Establish a company-wide process to create and maintain structured content
  • Consolidate multiple content platforms into one source to improve version control
  • Integrate with existing architecture and enhance the migration of data
  • Automatically create and send Word documents and InDesign leaflets based on approved content

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How Content Management Benefits Brands

Ease Impact Analysis

Content reuse promotes cost savings in content creation and translation. Easily assess which artworks are impacted by a required change.

Amplify Traceability

Amplify traceability of content documentation and processes

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk and increase compliance by getting artwork content right-first-time

Save Time

Save time and cut costs by simplifying artwork, IFU, and submission document updates

Increase Speed to Market

Increase speed to market by standardizing content across the entire organization

Decrease Costs

Decrease costs by reusing approved content and translations

Hear from Our Customers

“We have doubled our volume of work in the time since we began using WebCenter but have the same number of people dealing with the management processes.”

Agustí Mercè – Almirall, Product Operations Planning Manager

“WebCenter gives me all the information I need. I no longer have to spend my time emailing and tracking down approvals from all the stakeholders of the project. Everyone involved can see the status of the project, and the possible delays – even if they are the bottleneck.”

Maïa Barbier – Ansell, WebCenter Project Manager for the Industrial Global Business Unit

"No longer do we need to wait for approvers to markup a printed copy, we can simply review online, whether in or out of the office and we are reminded by WebCenter when approval deadlines are due.”

Lorna Thomson – Goodman Fielder, Senior Brand Manager

"Before WebCenter, we were struggling with process – no clear visibility, projects would get stuck and we encountered failed deadlines."

Ebbe E. – MARS, Packaging Graphics Project Manager

“Artwork review and quality has improved significantly. Briefing has become more consistent, and we have a better understanding of how long different types of jobs take, with the breadth of work across the globe now far higher than 12 months ago.”

Joy Stevenson – MPM, Project Manager

“The WebCenter functions are ideal for various creative workflows. But the principle is always the same – documents are collected, processed internally or externally, approved, and then archived. The adaptability of WebCenter is ideal for us.”

Titus Helmke – Kärcher, Head of Packaging Design

“Our previous process took anywhere from 60 to 90 days. Now, our goal is to have a package produced in half that time. In some cases, we are able to implement a change to a package in as little as 21 days.”

Eric Humbert – Ansell, Project Manager for Medical Global Business Unit

“Finding a way to automate and digitize and reduce by over 90% the time it takes to prepare the artwork was vital to us.”

Andreia Fontes – Philip Morris International, Director Global Packaging

“WebCenter is our preferred approval decision-making tool. All parties involved in the approval process can see the specific information they need to see in time and can take immediate action. This speeds up the approval cycle in a very efficient and effective way.”

Nico Schenk – Vandemoortele, Packaging Specialist

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