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Harness the minds of experienced professionals that can help you solve your packaging challenges. From packaging process improvement to change management, we work to get you where you need to be.

Digital Transformation

A digital transformation is a journey towards finding, implementing, and using the best technology to solve specific business challenges and improve processes. This transformation can bring your organization into a more interconnected and intelligent stage of digital maturity to help lower the costs of production, increase productivity, and improve collaboration.

Esko provides you with specialist expertise and a proven approach to digital transformation using a toolkit of methods, including change management, business process re-engineering, transaction process improvement, design thinking, problem solving process, visual daily management, and value stream mapping.

Work Smarter with Business Process Re-Engineering

Business process re-engineering is a method to re-work your business processes so that your teams can work smarter and boost their productivity. This includes the switch towards digital interactions and automation.

Our packaging professionals guide you through assessing current digital offerings, determining where the industry is headed, and a creating plan to develop stronger processes that give you an advantage over your competitors.

Digital Maturity Model

One way to help understand if you need to improve processes or invest in new technology is a digital maturity model. Esko has created a maturity model specific to packaging that can help you identify and defend your decisions to move towards digital transformation for packaging. One of our experts can help you navigate the Packaging Maturity Model to assess where you are and where you want to be based on leadership concerns, process architecture, and delivery capabilities.

Maximize Value through Change Management

Companies sometimes need to make changes to improve the business through process, people, or software. While project management focuses on delivering the technical solution, change management focuses exclusively on the users who will use it, the people-side.

To win cross-functional buy-in and make sure the change is embraced, the project team needs to get a deep understanding of the stakeholder’s needs and to leverage tailored communication, training, and coaching. It’s only when the users have enough awareness, willingness, and skills that they will embrace the change and expand the adoption and use of the solution, finally maximizing the investment done on the technical side.

We work on every facet of this change approach and support with a sophisticated tool to track and accelerate how it is embraced by the people in your organization.

Change management includes:

  • Seamless integration of change management with project activities focused on people
  • Close engagement with leadership and project sponsors
  • Stakeholder analysis, interviews, and mapping of informal networks
  • Tailored approach per business areas, personas, and cultures
  • Communication, training, coaching, sustaining plans, and sponsor roadmap

Get Lean with Transaction Process Improvement

Packaging experts guide you on how to make a current process leaner by eliminating waste and speeding up the workflow, all while maintaining quality and meeting customer expectations for delivery.

Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping is a method of identifying obstacles in a process flow or disconnects that cause wasted time and money. By mapping out and identifying these areas, you have a good idea of where to focus your improvement efforts for the biggest impact. Our experts can take you through the exercise of value stream mapping for your processes.

Problem Solving Process

Problem solving process (PSP) is a framework for solving problems in every area of business. It involves solving a gap in operational performance by identifying the potential causes, analyzing the causes with the most impact, and driving to the root of the cause in order to improve a process and solve the gap. Esko packaging experts can guide you through this exercise to solve and sustain a problem area.

Visual Daily Management

Visual daily management (VDM) is a high-level representation of the success of a team, department, or company; broken out into daily targets. This tool enables anyone to know, in a few seconds or less, if the team or department is on-track, off-track, or needs to take corrective action. Esko experts can help you define, create, and sustain this visual management tool.

VDM is an excellent tool that we can help build as part of other service improvement services to help monitor and drive sustainment across teams and departments.

Improve UX with Design Thinking

The user experience (UX) is important for the success of an implementation because it affects whether the software is useful for the task at-hand, easy to use, and enjoyable for those who use it. We take a design thinking process approach to iterative tasks and empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and implement a solution that is intuitive, efficient, and delightful for the end users.

Design thinking includes:

  • Workshops to redefine the original problem and leverage collective expertise
  • Create value by resolving problems with a human-centered approach
  • Out-of-the-box ideas that rely on empathy and sharing ideas with employees
  • Iterative testing and fast prototyping with the goal of simplifying and validate solutions
  • Rollout plans and commercial/operational analysis

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