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The Essential Toolkit for Retailers:
from Consumer Insights to Product Launches

Imagine a world where you communicate with suppliers and agencies worldwide in a single platform. With the digital solutions from Esko | Brand Solutions, you’ll efficiently create high quality label and packaging assets, increase speed to market, and utilize e-commerce strategies effectively. Learn about the newest trends to stay on the cutting edge of the retail industry.

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As retailers, we know you work with a large number of suppliers and agencies. You are consistently having to navigate the ever-evolving universe of technology, consumer behaviors, and trends. Our packaging software for retailers helps you access, manage, and repurpose thousands of product information and packaging assets to ensure you produce and distribute content and products more efficiently.

The Challenges Retailers Face


Whether it’s internal processes or speed to market, time is a critical factor for retailers. Impediments to time efficiency include necessary but time-consuming design approvals, manual processes, and missing assets.


Retailers are likely to experience reduced visbility of their artwork and labeling workflows without a system in place. Implementing a centralized location for the team's projects, approvals, artwork, and more improves collaboration and productivity.


The 2020 global pandemic has caused significant and unforeseen increases in costs and consequently, decreases in margins. Never has there been more pressure on retailers to be highly efficient.

The Newest Retail Trends


As we delve further into 2021, retailers continue to adapt to the increased digital appetite of consumers. Online sales have skyrocketed, the shift to e-commerce sales is speeding up faster than predicted, and omnichannel marketing is traversing the gap between online and offline shopping.

Artificial Intelligence

As companies start to invest in technologies to support the acceleration of digital shopping, they look to machine learning solutions and artificial intelligence to reduce challenges in the supply chain. AI helps to reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Augmented reality (A/R) is also gaining popularity with consumers, allowing them to experience products before buying them. Retailers introduce 3D designs making it possible for consumers to virtually walk through stores and view products up close.

Delivery Services

The pandemic has resulted in an increased uptick in curbside pickup and delivery. Customers are purchasing groceries, personal care items, and even accessories online at a rate not seen before. Innovative retailers who can accommodate this need will reap the benefits.

Sustainability & Ethics

Brands build relationships with consumers, and loyalty is acquired if the brand’s messages and products align with a consumer’s values. The more ethical the brand the stronger the relationship becomes. Retailers being sensitive to this trend promote the greater good and consistently outperform their competitors.

Keep reading for an overview of digital tools to help retailers create and schedule tasks, stick to project timelines, track progress, increase efficiency and responsiveness, and provide holistic visibility for everyone involved.

Our Digital Solutions for Retailers

WebCenter Workflow Management

Centralize project information and communication all in one platform

  • Enhance cross-functional collaboration across all teams and suppliers, gather information, and facilitate approval processes.

Improve accuracy and consistency thereby reducing packaging errors and recalls

  • Automated notifications to review marketing and packaging materials simplify the approval cycle process.

Launch new products faster

  • Increase visibility into the process of creating labels and artwork to maximize efficiency and get to market faster.

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MediaBeacon Digital Asset Management

  • Easily search for and find the exact digital files needed to produce marketing, design, and packaging content
  • Improve collaboration across departments and eliminate wasted time
  • Deliver omnichannel content efficiently by sharing assets through external links, brand portals, or download-only access.

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Studio 3D Design

  • Save time and reduce costs by virtually viewing designs and providing feedback or approval
  • Reduce the need for physical mockups and incorporate products into lifestyle photography
  • Effortlessly turn ideas into compelling 3D designs

Learn More about Studio

ArtiosCAD Structural Design

  • Create 3D packaging designs and resize them to fit a product
  • Check the physical limitations of your creations and reduce manual processes
  • Reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes and waste by allowing seamless inspection of designs before going to print

Learn More about ArtiosCAD

Store Visualizer

  • Create and enter a virtual retail environment to test the visual impact of your designs
  • Use virtual reality to understand consumer behavior and gain consumer insights
  • Optimize shelf placement and compare products to the competition

Learn More about Store Visualizer

Cape Pack Palletization Software

  • Optimize product sizes for shipping, creating new case sizes, and building efficient pallet patterns
  • Utilize space more efficiently and decrease transportation costs
  • Create a sustainable packaging supply chain and reduce carbon footprint

Learn More about Cape Pack

Why Esko

Every day, Esko | Brand Solutions helps retailers stock physical and digital shelves with their private label products faster and more efficiently. Our solutions enable retail companies to unite packaging and marketing efforts across all participants. Use Esko to create synergies throughout your go-to-market process.

“I realized very quickly that Esko had figured it out – this is something I have needed over the last 10 years.”

Matt Maghan, Global Apparel + EQ Packaging Designer, Nike Retail

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“I honestly couldn't tell you anyone else I'd want to work with. The process is really really easy. The system itself is easy to work with. The people are great. I love it."

Jeremiah Callaghan, Project Manager, Walgreens Boots Alliance

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“Artwork review and quality has improved significantly. Briefing has become more consistent and we have a better understanding of how long different types of jobs take, with the breadth of work across the globe now far higher than 12 months ago.”

Joy Stevenson, Project Manager, Making Pet Foods Matters (MPM)

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What Retail Industry Leaders Love about Our Solutions

  • Improve control over end-to-end packaging, marketing, and label and artwork processes.
  • Connect all packaging and marketing teams, suppliers and agencies to a single source of truth.
  • Ensure compliance and brand governance without decreasing productivity.
  • Effortlessly scale to accommodate new products, new markets, and increasing SKU volumes.


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