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February 09, 2021

Transformation Tuesdays: Ensuring graphics file readiness in the journey towards digital transformation

We all know that time is our most valuable commodity. In 2021, the ability of print and packaging converters to deliver the best results, in the quickest turnaround time, is going to be more crucial than ever.

Today’s demands already mean there is a real need for speed in packaging prepress. In previous decades, the pressure points used to be at the actual press, with the main challenges being time-consuming change overs or getting print runs to the finishing line and out the door as quickly as possible. But between evolving demands such as constant pack design changes and more personalized data campaigns, the pressure for ‘more, better, faster’ is now building up within prepress departments.

One thing has become clear – digitizing the process by which packaging is made, improving operational processes, lowering costs and delivering client loyalty is more vital than ever. With more print and packaging converters embarking on the journey towards digital transformation, Esko has been discussing these issues with customers across the prepress industry.

Esko has analyzed the challenges being faced and has produced a series of new videos aimed at tackling some of the biggest issues for converters. In each of the short Transformation Tuesdays films, experts from Esko address the challenges head on, detailing how improved digitization, automation and connectivity within a business can eliminate bottlenecks and deliver efficiency and productivity gains.

The first Transformation Tuesdays video highlights the challenges faced when preparing graphics files for print. For example, are incoming files sent to your prepress department in the correct format? Is it necessary to create a new PDF or Illustrator file? And how much time is really taken up in checking whether files have the correct bleed?

The short video addresses these points and more, clearly and concisely. As the industry continues to navigate the fallout from the global pandemic, the series of Transformation Tuesdays videos will demonstrate how the ability to digitize, automate and connect is crucial to businesses.

To watch Transformation Tuesdays: Preparing Your Graphic Files for Print, click here

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