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May 12, 2021

Five reasons your business should consider a cloud deployment of Automation Engine SaaS

Five reasons your business should consider a cloud deployment of 
Automation Engine SaaS

With the recent launch of its latest generation of Automation Engine, Esko introduced new capabilities and made the market-leading workflow solution available as a Software-as-a-Service (‘SaaS’) for the first time. 

Here, we look at five ways that a cloud deployment of Automation Engine will help you find more freedom in your prepress:

  1. Easy access and deployment

The new subscription model enables users to get up and running in days instead of months – Automation Engine has been specifically designed to ensure easy access and fast cloud deployment, without the need for IT support or additional operational costs. Automation Engine now delivers on the promise of a simplified experience: the user accesses the software online, enjoying significant time savings on installation and configuration. Not only does the cloud deployment give peace of mind that all users across a business are always on the agreed software, but it also significantly reduces the time to benefit.

  • Reduce IT overheads… and headaches

Utilizing common software across locations is made easy. With a cloud deployment, there’s no longer any need to download and manually install the latest software versions onto individual computers whenever a new update or release is issued, and with Esko managing the IT infrastructure there’s no need for expensive hardware installations. What’s more, all versioning and maintenance is handled by the dedicated Esko Platform Operations team. This reduces the strain of managing your own environment and eliminates the stress of monitoring hardware systems and worrying about installing the latest versions of software updates.

  • Total service, total security

Automation Engine has been designed to deliver optimal software performance for users, offering scalable infrastructure and up to 99.5% platform availability. With a 24/5 global service level agreement, users have access to a support team with dedicated Solution Support Engineers. There is no need for users to manage the security of the platform either. Customers can choose where their data resides and Esko optimizes the user experience by placing software regionally, in one of its ISO 27001 certified datacenters. This localized data storage also reduces latency and keeps data transfer times to a minimum.

  • Optimum performance, when and where it’s needed most

While Automation Engine – like all Esko cloud applications – delivers optimal performance for users, it has also been specifically designed to offer a flexible, scalable infrastructure. Users have the ability, power and resources to quickly scale up or down operations in line with specific business needs. The subscription model delivers unparalleled flexibility, and with IT and licensing costs now reduced through automation and outsourcing, the pricing model also scales with the needs, size and growth of your business.

  • Improved costs efficiencies

A simple, flexible and transparent user-based pricing model offers a predictable cost to help with IT budgeting and management. With the price including a storage allowance and no bandwidth charges, Automation Engine guarantees a low step-in price and faster ROI for customers. By implementing a cloud-based SaaS platform, organizations can also cut down on the expenses it would usually incur on updating legacy-based systems and infrastructure, as well as reduce the costs associated with operations. 

Finally, there is the added benefit of removing associated costs with traditional software upgrades, the IT resources required to deploy those updates, or the opportunity costs caused by scheduled downtime.

Automation Engine delivers centralization of data and standardization – your business can now bring all of its information, data and templates together in one place, so that it can be accessed by colleagues at any time and from anywhere.

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