What’s New in 23.11 - Esko

What's New in Esko 23.11 Releases


Richer Share & Approve integration

ArtPro+ now has a deeper integration with Share & Approve supporting all the new Share & Approve innovations (such as Import PDF notes and distinguishing between internal and external annotations). In addition, the integration has been finetuned to offer automatic initiation of an approval cycle at upload from ArtPro+.

Easier and faster in-editor automation

ArtPro+ now enables much more flexibility in creating automation. Being able to group action lists inside other action lists offers substantially more flexibility and makes it easier to manage them.

Faster and easier comparing of files

A new HSV compare mode now allows users to uncover differences between the compared files much more easily and substantially faster. Additionally, the new auto-rotate function will automatically rotate the reference artwork and align it with production artwork for easy compare.

Plate Cut Improvements

The ArtPro+ Plate Cut Module will now produce straight vertical and horizontal lines rather than curves. Separating from the more esthetical aspect, it will increase the speed of the cutting device as a direct result of the straight lines.

Trapping improvements

Further improvements to the industry standard trapping engine, ArtPro+ now recognizes meshes and takes flexo highlights into account, making another major step towards 100% first-time-right trapping.

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Automation Engine

Richer Share & Approve integration

The Improved integration from Automation Engine with Share & Approve ensures internal annotations are created in Share & Approve but cannot be seen by external viewers.

The annotations can not only be seen in the Share & Approve viewer, but also in the Automation Engine viewer.

Plate cut paths on LEN files

Faster quality control, with safer plate output. Using the new Plate Cut widget, you will feel confident knowing you can view your plate cut paths in the Automation Engine viewer.

Plate cut paths created in both Artpro+ or Automation Engine can be viewed to ensure the final plate boundaries are correct before going to press.

Classic workflow tasks, label and warning

A faster transition to native pdf workflow creation.

TYour classic workflow tasks will now have a visible ‘Classic’ label, and a searchable warning, to instantly let you know when old classic workflow tasks are being used.

This gives you complete visibility during workflow creation, which speeds up the creation of native pdf workflows.

Color Pilot

Esko color profiling measure and database software Color Engine has been strengthened by the continued connection between sister companies Esko & X-Rite. Color Engine now supports the new eXact 2, which has been integrated into Color Engine.

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Share & Approve

Internal and external annotations

Annotations from internal stakeholders are now separated from those made by external parties. This ensures all observations are kept within one single view without worrying about what external parties should not see. Additionally, it is also possible to filter internal or external annotations.

PDF notes support

Share & Approve now recognizes PDF notes that may have been made prior to the approval cycle initiation. Share & Approve can convert those into annotations so they can be used in the approval cycle as well as throughout the Esko ecosystem such as in ArtPro+ or Automation Engine.

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Improve communication between structural and artwork designers

The Artwork Panel and Bleed tools will automatically recognize copy-free areas of 1-2-3 bottom designs when folded in 3D.

Easy Assembling in 3D

A new Panel Mate tool makes assembling multi-part designs easier than ever before. Automatically align the edge of one panel against the surface of another panel with a single-click.

The Snap Tab/Slot tool now recognizes folded tabs that tuck into a slot, typical on a display shelf, for example. Quickly assemble a multi-part display with shelves snapping into place with just a few clicks.

Reduce Errors with Predefined Folders in ArtiosCAD Enterprise

Enforce standard operating procedures by configuring predefined project folders for all document types. This feature helps to maintain global consistency while reducing mistakes from human error.


Pallet Optimization for Folding Cartons

Create new case sizes for knocked down flat folded cartons has been added as a new feature in Cape Pack Cloud. This unique feature designed specifically for Folding Carton Converters helps optimize logistics, save on shipping costs, and better protect the product.

Easy sharing with Share & Approve

Send Cape Pack PDF solution reports directly to Share & Approve to enable collaboration with all stakeholders. Start approval cycles directly in Cape Pack Cloud with feedback on the status.


Metal Container Distortion

Together with ArtPro+, we've added a workflow for circular metal containers with necks that may need distortion. These containers start as a cylinder that gets printed and then formed. The container model is created by revolving a profile in Studio Toolkit. Parameters are then provided to calculate the grid file used in ArtPro+ for artwork distortion. Final ray-traced renderings can be produced in Studio in Illustrator.

Other Enhancements

  • Usage tracking was already added to the Studio plug-ins but now, we have added it to Studio Toolkit as well. This helps Esko improve the software but also gives you a dashboard to see statistics on your usage.
  • The menu structure in Illustrator has been optimized so you can more conveniently navigate to the Studio actions. You can now find all the Studio actions in one place via “Window > Esko Studio”.

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Store Visualizer

Store Visualizer 23.11 adds several small but useful features, including:

Improved User Experience

  • Assemblies and planograms now appear on the library thumbnail view pane
  • Measurement tools can now be added to the Quickbar
  • Physics motor joints are now started automatically when physics is run

Enhanced Realism

  • Added support for double sided dynamic raytraced reflections
  • Product reflections are now automatically updated after changing layer visibility
  • Consumer Insights

    • Consumer insights statistics will now reflect changes to category management in real-time

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