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Why Use Packshot Software instead of Product Photography?

Packshot software allows you to save time by using digital packaging prototypes and increase productivity through intuitive 3D tools.

Product photography is becoming a thing of the past for companies focused on innovation and savings. Companies that have their eyes on the future are incorporating dynamic packshot software instead of relying on the timing and budget restraints of product photography. With packshot 3D software, your team can design and create digital prototypes that turn into marketing campaigns and physical products faster than ever.

The Cost of Physical Prototypes in Packshot Product Photography

The need for physical packaging prototypes results in losses of time and money in product design and photography.

Time is wasted:

  • Drawing up manual designs for packaging before physical creation.
  • Coordinating in-person meetings to review physical packaging prototypes.
  • Recreating new physical packaging prototypes with each round of revisions until approval.
  • Waiting until the packaging is approved and physically created before being able to send to photographer for images.
  • Waiting for photographer to edit product images after the photoshoot.

Money is wasted:

  • Poor packaging quality due to a lack of communication on the intent of the packaging.
  • Outsourcing product photography and sending physical packaging to studios.
  • Waiting until after product is launched to start marketing since the product images aren’t available.
  • Testing out different materials and physical prototypes before creating the final product.
  • Re-doing photoshoots every time the product and/or packaging is updated.
  • Errors in packaging due to manual processes.

The Solution

By using Packshot Software to create a digital twin of your packaging before physical production even begins, you can save time and money by allowing your teams to work efficiently.

Save time:

  • Create realistic packaging directly in easy to use design and 3D tools.
  • Efficiently collaborate without a physical meeting through the online review of realistic packaging prototypes.
  • Go through as many rounds of review and approval as needed without going to physical production to troubleshoot.
  • Product renderings can be place into images for marketing campaigns so that the creative is ready by the time the product hits the shelves.
  • Simply Update digital versions of packaging during the review cycle.

Save money:

  • Print modeling technology accurately predicts how packaging will look when produced.
  • Export perfectly rendered packshots for ecommerce, social media, and the web. Made from the actual production artwork so images are always in sync with the printed packaging.
  • Eliminate the need to outsource product photography because you can create the packshot and view it made with different materials.
  • Packaging artwork designers don’t have to be packaging experts because 3D design tools can be plug-ins for existing creative tools already being, such as Adobe Illustrator.
  • Create GS1 compliant packshots to reduce errors.
  • Marketing products before they hit the shelves so sales can start strong.

Are You Ready?

These are just a few the reasons to start using packshot software. Contact us to learn more about how a packshot software solution can help save your team and money on the product packaging design process.

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