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Search Tips
Search Tips

Launching a Search

Enter your search query in the above search box and press on enter or on the green search button. You can filter on a specific product or a specific source to narrow down the search results

General Search

Search using full words first. The search engine will include all words, but not necessarily in that order. (e.g. status error 404 http will give the same result as 404 http error status)

Quotation marks " "

Use quotation marks to find words that must appear adjacent to each other, such as Automation Engine. Without quotes, the search results will include the words Automation and Engine, but not necessarily in that order (i.e., the words may appear anywhere, in any order, within the document).

Wildcards *

Wildcard searches can expand the number of matches for a particular request. The * character is used as the wildcard character. For instance, searching for licens* will find the words license, licensing, and licenses. Searching for *roof will find the words dotproof, flexproof, and any other word that ends with roof.

Minus (-)

Use a minus sign to indicate undesirable term(s). The minus sign tells the search engine that a word or phrase must be absent in the search results. Note: A phrase must be contained within quotation marks. Leave no spaces between the minus sign and the term. Example: Automation -Java will return only documents that contain the word Automation and do not contain the word Java.

Example searches

  • For product information: Artpro 12 ink;
  • For a specific string: WebCenter "Linking with Automation Engine"

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