Financing by Esko

Financing tailored to your needs.

Esko offers a range of all-in flexible financing solutions for all your Esko hardware and software investments.

Financing is often the best solution. You immediately benefit from new technology and new solutions, but you pay for it over time.

Financing lowers the financial threshold to acquire the next generation of new technology. The increased revenues and efficiencies provide a fast return on investment.


Financing means freedom:

  • It frees your working capital and investment budget. You can allocate cash for other investments.
  • Your cash-outflow matches your cash inflow generated by the revenues you get from using the new technology.

Why Financing by Esko?

  • Esko is your single counterpart for your commercial, technical and financial solutions.
  • The financing offered by Esko is an all-inclusive package. Apart from the hardware and/or the software it may also include training, project management, consulting, maintenance etc.
  • The Esko financing does not burden the credit lines you have negotiated with your financial institutions. It is an additional source of financing.
  • Esko offers you financing at a fixed interest rate: there are no surprises during the repayment period caused by interest rate fluctuations. It makes budgeting easier for you.
  • For larger projects Esko financing offers a grace period. This helps you overcome the start-up phase and you can start paying when the new technology is fully implemented and operational.
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