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ArtPro+ Plate Cut

The optimal shape to cut a flexo plate is largely defined by the graphic content of each separation. Each job needs to be addressed individually, costing you valuable time.

But with Plate Cut in ArtPro+, the creation of cutting paths is just a one-click operation - saving up to 30 mins preparation per layout !

How it works?

This module uses a content aware algorithm that analyzes the printed content and locates an individual cut path for each separation, allowing you to easily generate and add cut path information to a print layout PDF to be used for cutting printing plates.


Artpro+ Plate Cut is an option that can be added to any perpetual or subscription license of ArtPro+. It cannot be used as a standalone product.

ArtPro+ Plate Cut Named Subscription

40000 USD
per month

ArtPro+ Plate Cut Dynamic Subscription

52000 USD
per month

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