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ArtiosCAD Preflight

With varying experience levels of design staff, structural design decisions can often cause die cutting inefficiencies. These decisions can turn out to be costly. An optimal structural design, however, reduces your setup time and boosts die press speeds.

An industry first

ArtiosCAD is the leading structural design applicaton for folding carton and corrugated packaging. ArtiosCAD 18.1 features an Industry first: ArtiosCAD Preflight will analyze your structural designs and flags all quality issues.

This patent-pending technology alerts packaging designers of potential production issues in their structural designs before the design is released to estimating or production.

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ArtiosCAD Preflight is an option that can be added to any perpetual or subscription license of ArtiosCAD. It cannot be used as a standalone product.

ArtiosCAD Preflight Named Subscription

5167 USD
per month

ArtiosCAD Preflight Dynamic Subscription

6750 USD
per month

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