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Text Recognition


Text Recognition
for Adobe® Illustrator®

Text changes in incoming artwork just got a whole lot easier!

Text Recognition for Adobe® Illustrator® is the only product that converts outlined, vectorized characters into text that can be edited again.

  • Convert outlined copy in artwork to editable text directly in Adobe® Illustrator®
  • Make text changes in just seconds
  • Save averagely 30 minutes per job
  • Reduce the chance of mistakes and obtain a higher first time right ratio
  • Manage text changes in-house
  • Suitable for the most complex designs

Text Recognition Named Subscription

3417 USD
per month
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Text Recognition Dynamic Subscription

4500 USD
per month

Back in the old days

To make text changes in native Adobe® Illustrator® design files you had to have the necessary fonts installed on your computer. To bypass this it was standard practice to convert text to outlines.

As an annoying result the outlined content remained frozen; typing was no longer possible in 'dead text'.

In some industries more than 90% of incoming artwork contains outlined text. A time consuming work-around would make the simplest text change a real challenge.

Back in the old days

Text changes 'the smart way'

The Text Recognition plug-in for Illustrator is a new OCR tool that converts outlined copy in artwork to editable text. No more work-arounds. Just use the Text Recognition plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® to convert outlines to text.

Implementing text changes in vectorized artwork is no longer a labor intensive process. With the Text Recognition tool, dead text becomes live text again. Even the tiniest text change is done in the blink of an eye.

Do the math

With the Text Recognition plug-in you easily save 30 minutes per job. Imagine the time you save on a working day, week, month, year! Not to mention the additional projects you can handle.


"We regularly receive vectorized files from our customers that need correction. Before, our operator had to find the same font first to correct just one or two words in a text. Now, I use Text Recognition on a daily basis and it saves me 30 minutes per job."

Anthony Boyat, Bresse Labo – Stratus Packaging, France

Text recognition: Do the math
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