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Packaging Preflight


Packaging Preflight
for Adobe® Illustrator®

Save time, avoid missed deadlines or even worse - costly reprints - by automatically preflighting Adobe® Illustrator® files based on a customized profile. Find and solve problems right at the source, the Illustrator® files you receive from your clients. With DeskPack Packaging Preflight, a lot of common errors are automatically detected and listed in a report inside Adobe Illustrator. This allows you to inspect the errors and warnings one by one, selecting and highlighting the impacted objects in the Illustrator® file.

Software licenses (as opposed to subscriptions) are still available, please contact your regional sales for more information.

Packaging Preflight Named Subscription

7000 USD
per month
... or Try for free

Packaging Preflight Dynamic Subscription

9083 USD
per month

Main features

  • Manage and run profiles with the PitStop Preflight Profiles palette
  • Create and modify profiles with the PitStop Profile Editor
  • Browse through the issues, selecting and highlighting the impacted objects in the Illustrator® document with the PitStop Preflight Report
  • Ability to save the PitStop Preflight Report as a PDF file for sharing
  • Import and export PitStop Profiles to exchange with Automation Engine, ArtPro+, PitStop Pro
  • Packaging specific checks include checking the presence of a barcode, the barcode type, the barcode value (based on a job variable when connected to the Automation Engine workflow server), restrictive checking to the inside of the die cut…
DeskPack Packaging Preflight
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