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Dynamic VDP


Variable data printing
plugin for Illustrator®

Looking for an easy way to create and work with Variable Data Printing (VDP) jobs on a digital printing press? Dynamic VDP for Adobe® Illustrator® is variable data printing software designed specifically for packaging applications such as labels and folding cartons.

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Dynamic VDP Dynamic Subscription

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How to set up for Variable Data Printing?

First of all, you create the VDP master file (“template”) containing static and VDP objects, using the step by step user interface of Dynamic VDP software for Illustrator to define the variable placeholder fields as text, barcodes or images.

Then, you expand the master file to variable instances to be printed, by adding a database of the variable data. This expansion can be done

  • Direct in Adobe® Illustrator®
  • By sending the job to a compatible Digital press Front-End (DFE)
  • By sending the job to an Esko Automation Engine
Dynamic VDP

Main features of Dynamic VDP:

  • Define variable text, barcode and image fields directly in Adobe® Illustrator® using a step by step user interface.
  • Compatible with variable databases in CSV format that can be created by Microsoft® Excel® and a wide range of other popular data management applications.
  • Fill variable fields with items from the database, or from automatically generated “counter” sequences.
  • Many options for formatting, positioning and coloring variable objects using fields from the database.
  • Preflight your job directly in Adobe® Illustrator® to check compatibility with the database, fit of data in text fields…
  • Expand your job directly in Adobe® Illustrator® to create the variable instances to be printed. Send the resulting PDF/VT to any PDF compatible RIP, workflow system or digital press*.
  • Send your job to a “Powered by Esko” Digital press Front-End (DFE) for automatic expansion and printing in a workflow**.
  • Send your job to an Esko Automation Engine for automatic expansion and layout (Step and Repeat) processing. Send the resulting PDF/VT to any PDF compatible RIP, workflow system or digital press ***.

* The number of records that can be expanded at one time in Illustrator® may be limited due to memory restrictions of Illustrator®.
** Compatible with “HP SmartStream Labels and Packaging Print Server Powered by Esko” version 4.0 or later.
*** Compatible with Automation Engine 14 or later. Processor and Layout Modules for Automation Engine are required.

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