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Introducing Phoenix: AI-Powered Planning and Estimating Software for Print Service Providers

Are you struggling to meet your customers' deadlines while maximizing your margins?
Do your manual processes rely on estimators' expertise and experience, leading to errors and delays in your planning and estimating processes?

*Tilia Labs is collaborating with Esko in the development of future updates, upgrades and new versions of the Tilia Phoenix product, and going forward the product will be marketed by both under the familiar “Phoenix” name.
*Not available for purchase from Esko in Japan



Don’t take our word for it

Phoenix is the solution you need. Our AI-powered planning and estimating software leverages the power of AI to analyze your historical production data, including machine capabilities, job complexity, and material usage, to generate accurate and detailed quotes in seconds.

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Inland needed a solution to overcome time consuming bottlenecks; that’s where Phoenix came in. Find out how by downloading the case study.


A large folding carton converter operating in the over-the-counter beauty, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic packaging sectors is dedicated to fostering innovation and promoting sustainable packaging practices. Boasting a substantial turnover of approximately 80 million US dollars, this company manufactures over 3,000 unique cartons per month through manual planning processes. Recognizing the need to lower expenses and enhance operational efficiency, they implemented digital solutions.

In pursuit of these goals, the folding carton converter turned to Phoenix. Download the case study to learn more!

With Phoenix, you can:

  • React better and faster to customer inquiries, enabling you to provide them with accurate and timely quotes that meet their deadlines.
  • Enhance visibility of your internal resources and expenses compared to customer requests, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  • Increase your efficiency, responsiveness, and profitability by optimizing your production schedules and material usage.
  • Customize your quotes, including material selection, printing options, and delivery times, to provide your customers with tailored estimates that meet their unique requirements.

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