Flexo Consistency Challenge - Esko
XPS Crystal 5080

Flexo Consistency Challenge

The innovative XPS Crystal optimally combines UV main and back exposure.

Unlike UV frames, using lightbulbs with fluctuating output, the XPS Crystal uses UV LEDs which don’t need warm-up time and always emit consistent radiation – eliminating shadows.

A simultaneous and optimally controlled UV main and back exposure produces highly 100% consistent digital flexo plates – for every digital flexo plate type at every time of your production day.

Accept the challenge and see it for yourself!

Check your Quality Control abilities and find the match.

Can you guess in what position the individual sample was printed on the larger sheet?
Fill in your answer and receive a thank you gift†.

Flexo Sheet
XPS Crystal 5080
Flexo Sheet

† Gift only available when taking the challenge at industry tradeshows, association meetings, trainings, lectures, etc. where Esko flexo experts are hosting the test with physically printed samples. Gifts won’t be sent by post or courier services.