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Flexo Color Separation Simplified

Despite the advancements in digital prepress technology over the last 25 years, the process of optimizing a flexo color separation remains largely a manual process. Manual editing to control dropouts, hide hard edges, eliminate highlight scum, prevent isolated dots produces high-quality separations but consumes extreme amount of time. That's all about to change!

Coupling the latest in flexo plate exposure technology with new RIP tools for automated scum dot removal provides the potential to remove manual intervention from the flexo color separation process. It also produced higher quality separations and enables the use of Max GCR for extremely color stability.

Key take aways

  • Discover the latest in flexo plate exposure technology
  • Learn how you can take advantage of automated processes to boost productivity
  • Hear from FTA Hall of Famer on the past, present and future of flexo color separation