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In the process of packaging production, the decisions and considerations your structural designers make are integral to the entire workflow and every ‘life stage’ of that piece of packaging – from ideation to recycling bin, and every step in between.

But to perform their job well, day after day, you must equip them with the tools and solutions to work efficiently, effectively, and of course, creatively. Structural design software helps them to do exactly this. See how ArtiosCAD helps your designers save hours of design time, and you to reduce costs.

Help your designers to be more productive by reducing time spent on repetitive tasks and speeding up design time with ArtiosCAD. Save costs, reduce waste, and eliminate bottlenecks to become a more agile business.

Take the pressure off at design stage

Depending on the size of your operation, your structural designers could be handling thousands of projects per year. Creating each from scratch, with customized standards and specifications would certainly be a repetitive and needless task when many will be similar sizes and shapes.

With ArtiosCAD there is no need to design each piece of packaging or POS from scratch. Instead, they choose from an extensive library of resizable design templates, creating packaging and displays in seconds by selecting templates (including ECMA and FEFCO) for corrugated or folding packaging and POP displays.

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Don’t take our word for it

If you want to design better quality packaging, more efficiently, whilst reducing production costs (and who doesn’t?) we can help.

But there’s no need to take only our word for it... Sarah Mooney, Chief Marketing Officer, Arka Packaging, has plenty to say on the matter. To learn how ArtiosCAD has improved the company’s operations, read the testimonial.

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