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Artwork Approval Software. Upload, share, annotate and approve packaging and labels in hyper realistic 3D.


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Getting started:

Simply click the Get Started for Free button and sign in with your Esko ID or register for a new Esko ID if you don't have one yet. The Esko ID is your passport to all Esko products. To find out more about your Esko ID, click this link.

Watch this video to help you set up your account.

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What's included in your free plan:

  • 50 approval cycles per month
  • 5GB of online storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Desktop and Mobile access
  • No software needed to install
  • Free access. Forever.

Fast and simple – seriously

The fastest and most reliable way to get files to clients and collaborators. Reduce approval cycles to days instead of weeks.

Share large files seamlessly

Easy to use & secure information sharing workspace. No user training required and no logins or registration for recipients.

Centralize assets with a single source of truth

State of the art viewer for accurate approvals. Track every activity from viewing, commenting and approving.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Share & Approve perfect for?

    Share & Approve is perfect for those who:

    •   Have very large files and need to save and share

    •   Want file data to integrate with their workflow

    •   Need to streamline their approval cycles

    •   Have teams scattered around the world who need to access or approve artwork files

    •   Need the ability to store information both locally and in the cloud

  • How do I get started?

    Simply click the Get Started button and sign in with your Esko ID or register for a new Esko ID if you don't have one yet. The Esko ID is your passport to all the Esko products. To find out more about your Esko ID, click on this link.

    Watch this short video to help you set up your account and get started.

  • What is an Esko ID & how do I create one?

    An Esko ID is the email and password that you use to sign up for Share & Approve. Registering for an Esko ID is simple. All you need to create an Esko ID is an e-mail address and, if you are already an Esko customer, your Company Code. If you don’t have a Company Code, then simply fill in the form and follow the prompts. You can create an Esko ID here.

    Tip: Use your corporate e-mail address when you register your Esko ID. In many cases this will allow us to automatically approve your Esko ID, so that you will get your confirmation e-mail immediately - no manual review step required!

    If we cannot automatically approve your Esko ID based on your corporate e-mail address, we will review your request within 24 hours, and after approval you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

    This approval step makes sure that your company code is never misused by someone else and that only people from within your company have access to company-specific data.

  • Will this account always be free?

    Yes! The account will always be free of charge to all users of the platform. Included in your package are 50 free of charge transactions – which is an approval cycle. 1 transaction equals 1 approval cycle. An approval cycle can include multiple users, including multi-stage approvals.

  • Who can use Share & Approve?

    Anyone can register for an account to use Share & Approve.

    Registered users are users who are required to sign in. They will get access to a shareable workspace which allows them to upload, view and share files. Unregistered users (typically your customers or stakeholders invited to review a particular file), will receive an email with a link and are not required to enter a username or password.

  • Can I invite people from outside my organization to view a file?

    Yes! Users outside your organization can be invited to view and review a file via email. The recipient will receive a live link to view and review the file directly. They are not required to log on and enter a username or password.

  • Is the site secure, how do I know that my files will be kept safe?

    The Share & Approve site is backed by AWS – the world’s most powerful and secure cloud platform. Furthermore, Esko is committed to safeguarding customer data and protecting it against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other potential security risks with notable security standards and certificates including SOC 2 Type 2 certification for its integrated software solutions.

  • How do I create a site?

    After you have signed in with Esko ID, the Create Site wizard will appear:

    1. Choose Create a New Cloud Account.
    2. A Site URL and Site Title is generated and click Finish.
    3. Your Share & Approve site appears!

  • How do I share files & start an approval cycle

    Uploading and sharing files is easy.

    1. Drag-and-drop a file that needs approval to the Documents page to upload it.
    2. Click Setup Approval next to the document you uploaded.
    3. Click Create and Invite User in the Select Approvers list.
    4. Fill in your approver's name and e-mail address and click Create.
    5. Type a message to your approver and click Start Approval Cycle.

    All done! Your approver will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to view and approve the document.

Quick, simple file sharing & approvals

Your company connected. Free.

Share & Approve is your way to kickstart approval cycles and simplify the sharing process. Upload a file and invite reviewers to approve, reject, or leave feedback – request a review, set a due date, and save hours as your approvals are returned to you effortlessly. All from a single, sharable workspace and included as standard with your Share & Approve.

No credit card required. No software to implement. All core features included. Free forever.