Packaging Trends Talk event will help packaging professionals “not just thrive, but survive” in 2023 - Esko

Packaging Trends Talk event will help packaging professionals “not just thrive, but survive” in 2023

Insights and trends identified in new ebook to be focus of virtual discussion

New best practices to help packaging professionals overcome the challenges and bottlenecks associated with managing 2023 megatrends will be presented at a special event next month, when the Esko Packaging Trends Talk returns. Featuring insights from industry experts and Esko’s most recent ebook, 2023 Packaging Trends – the Packaging Trends Talk on 16 February will examine everything from environmental sustainability through to digital transformation, with a focus on recent market trends, industry best practices and how to prosper in the coming year.

"Every year, the packaging trends ebook prepares brands and suppliers for new market trends and challenges. The content we provide helps them not only adapt to the new landscape, but thrive in it,” explained Matthew Haws, Chief Marketing Officer with Esko, the global provider of integrated software and hardware solutions that accelerate the go-to-market process of packaged products.

“We are amid transformational change,” he said. “Sustainability and digitalization will fundamentally alter how the industry operates. It is therefore now imperative that companies invest in technology that enables them to boost efficiency, reduce costs, minimize the risk of packaging errors, and improve their overall productivity."

“Participants will be empowered to embrace opportunities for advancing environmental sustainability, maximizing the use of technology, streamlining supply chain operations, and incorporating trending packaging design practices,” said Matthew. “The annual packaging trends ebook and corresponding virtual discussion will not only offer concrete industry examples to help packaging professionals tackle head-on the challenges of today, but also to prepare for those on the horizon.”

The 2023 Packaging Trends Talk will feature Gino Van Ossel, Marketing Professor from the Vlerick School of Business (Belgium) and Torsten Ilse, Global Graphics Director for Mars, sharing exclusive information about what brands and suppliers can expect in 2023 and beyond. To register for the February 16 event, simply click here. To download the new ebook, click here.

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