Tilia Labs to showcase automated imposition AI workflow and latest partnership integrations at PRINTING United - Esko

Tilia Labs to showcase automated imposition AI workflow and latest partnership integrations at PRINTING United

Tilia Labs will demonstrate how its intelligent imposition and planning technology integrates seamlessly to deliver a fully automated workflow at this year’s PRINTING United.


Following its recent acquisition by Esko, Tilia Labs will also be using the Las Vegas expo to demonstrate how its technology integrates with partners, from the Esko Software Platform and other prepress tools through to Highcon laser die cutting.


“This has already been such an exciting year for us,” said Tilia Labs Global Business Development & Sales Manager, George Folickman. “We unveiled a number of exciting new innovations and partnerships throughout 2022, and then of course we recently celebrated our acquisition by Esko.

“That means this year’s PRINTING United is shaping up to be an event absolutely packed with demos, discussions and no doubt lots of questions for the team,” said George. “To ensure we fit everything in, we’ve organized a full-day users group session ahead of the event with our friends at Infigo, Enfocus, and printIQ. We’ll use that to showcase how the integration between the four solutions creates a seamless web-to-print workflow, moving files through quickly from order to print. There’ll also be a customer panel session discussing trends and challenges within the industry, as well as roadmap discussions and a session on new features.”

With a presence in both halls at this year’s PRINTING United, George said the benefits of an integrated workflow would be at the heart of Tilia Labs’ booth displays. “As well as integrating our products featuring intelligent algorithms for sheet layout, estimation and planning into the Esko product portfolio, we recently announced a new partnership with Highcon, that sees the industry-leading tilia Phoenix being sold with every Highcon system,” he said. “With short run packaging on the rise, this marriage of Tilia Labs software and Highcon laser die-cutting allows customers the best of all worlds, enabling profitable short, medium, and long runs,” he said.

“Of course, the efficiency gains and benefits are not just limited to the length of the runs,” he said. “Ganging multiple designs onto one press run reduces job changeover and increases press capacity, while digital laser cutting lowers the cost to job ganging by eliminating the need for costly dies. With tilia Phoenix, the true breaking point between conventional and digital is uncovered, empowering businesses to continue their digital journey with confidence.”

Tyler Thompson, Tilia Labs Solution Director, explained that the latest version of tilia Phoenix has an expanded Scripting Module, adding even more capabilities by exposing the core tilia Phoenix technology via JavaScript. “The Script Marks feature provides the ability to hook into the tilia Phoenix PDF library for drawing of customized marks and elements via JavaScript,” he said. “The Imposition AI Scripts tool provides access to lower level layout data such as X,Y coordinates of items on a sheet or roll and exposes functions to do things like translate, rotate, or scale products based on scriptable logic.

“The extended Scripting Module now includes access to the tilia Phoenix GUI to provide a way to script virtually every action available to a human operator to streamline unique imposition and planning processes based on production needs. Users can now automatically perform certain things based on job requirements, with no manual effort, and if you are repeating the same types of actions every time, the module allows for scripting these GUI-based tasks,” said Tyler.

You can see George, Tyler and the Tilia Labs team at booths N828 and C5936 at PRINTING United, at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 19-21 October 2022. The team will be running a competition, giving visitors the chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods – just by visiting the designated booths! Ask one of the team for details.

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