Latest software release from Esko bridges gap from digital transformation to business success - Esko

Latest software release from Esko bridges gap from digital transformation to business success

Esko focuses on successful integration and achieving maximum potential with latest innovations

As packaging companies around the world recognize the need to innovate to survive and thrive, Esko is launching its latest software release that empowers businesses to improve ways of working, eradicate waste and optimize operational processes.


“Innovation and change are inherent in any packaging business but driving and implementing that innovation is a challenge that can sometimes be difficult to achieve,” said Jan De Roeck, Esko Director of Marketing, Industry Relations and Strategy. “Many businesses, in the face of challenging market conditions, insecurity, and volatility, freeze investments in response. However, the opposite reaction is more appropriate. Investing in accelerating digital transformation maintains competitive advantage and efficiently deals with profitability pressures. We also know it is equally important that these innovations are integrated quickly and smoothly to ensure businesses achieve demonstrable improvements and a speedy return on investment.

“That’s why, as a reliable business partner, Esko is releasing its software version 22.07 bringing to market new technology developments that will advance the industry, whilst also equipping customers with the toolkit they need to realize the true potential of our technology.”

Esko Release 22.07 includes a host of new features, including:

  • AVT inspection for digitally printed labels package - a new complete print inspection solution for digital labels production
  • AutoSet for packaging – first of its kind automated print inspection settings for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Solvent Saver in Flexo Engine – delivers a solvent reduction of up to 20% in flexo production
  • Cape Pack – offering end-to-end, cloud-based workflows for palletization optimization
  • Automated Packshots – create hyper-realistic packaging images that are perfectly rendered for your clients’ use with easy-to-use design and 3D tools
  • ArtPro+ – upgrades include printing unit support and seamless repeat layout creation, as well as folding carton improvements and a new usage dashboard
  • WebCenter – enhanced usability features to improve ease of use and maximize productivity and efficiency
  • ArtiosCAD – new integration of FEFCO standards

“At Esko, our close relationship with customers and partners enables us to quickly respond to specific market trends. “With this latest software release we address today’s market needs and ensure our innovations significantly improve customer outcomes,” said Jan. “We are focused on helping businesses not only successfully adopt new technology, but also to make best use of it to deliver immediate results and meet the challenges they face today and tomorrow.”

Jan said the new Esko Release 22.07 will be launched at a live webinar event on Tuesday, 12th July. “We will demonstrate how Esko hardware and software solutions enable businesses, both large and small, to improve ways of working, identify and eradicate waste, and optimize processes with these latest innovations,” he said. “Crucially, we’ll also bring into focus the investments and tools we have developed to help customers make the best use of our technology and achieve long-lasting change.”

The new Esko Release 22.07 will be launched at a live webinar event, on Tuesday, 12th July. To register for the free event, just click here.

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