Esko partners with specialist premedia supplier Amagoo to support packaging automation strategy - Esko

Esko partners with specialist premedia supplier Amagoo to support packaging automation strategy

Esko has entered into an exclusive partnership with leading Swiss packaging prepress solutions distributor Amagoo, to support packaging businesses on their journey of digital transformation with Esko-powered software.

“Amagoo specializes in delivering complex packaging projects to its customers in an efficient way,” said Christopher Weber, Esko Director of Software Solutions for the region. “The company’s premedia service portfolio focuses on delivering constant high quality and consistency to different pack formats within the same product line, as well as lowering costs and ensuring optimum throughput. This is why they are the perfect supply partners for Esko.”

Christopher explained that Esko, the global developer of integrated software and hardware solutions for the print, packaging and label industries, had forged a successful relationship with Amagoo over a number of years. “Amagoo has been a certified reseller since 2018 across Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and has now entered into a new partnership agreement in which they will exclusively supply Esko products to their customer base,” he said.

“Under the partnership, Amagoo will be selling enterprise solutions such as our flagship Automation Engine workflow software and WebCenter packaging management platform from its base in Arbon, Switzerland,” said Christopher. “Amagoo works with its customers to integrate Esko solutions into existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and sets up easy-to-use workflows to deliver a smart, user-friendly and automated way of working.

“We’re delighted to be building on the success of our relationship with this exclusive partnership, as Amagoo continues to support labels and packaging businesses across the region along their journey of digitization and automation with Esko software solutions,” he said.

Amagoo Chief Executive Officer Dieter Janout said that partnering with Esko was part of the company’s strategic plan for growth. “Our mission is to provide outstanding services and simplify our customers’ lives,” he said. “Esko leads the way in delivering innovative automation solutions for packaging prepress, and we are very pleased to be cementing our relationship with this new exclusive distribution agreement.

“While many in the industry have already begun their digital journey, the recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of workflow automation and enhanced connectivity,” he said. “Businesses around the world have discovered that automation is a key aid in maintaining uninterrupted operations when faced with issues such as staff absences or on-site workforce restrictions.

“The global disruption has underlined the importance of digitization, automation and online collaboration to our industry,” said Dieter. “We are delighted to be working closely with Esko to deliver solutions to our customers across the region that will enable them to cope with the immediate demands of today, as well as preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.”

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