Esko Consumer Insights for Store Visualizer Brings Virtual Reality and 3D to Consumer Market Research

Eye-tracking data enables companies to create new package designs quickly

Chicago, IL – January 7, 2020 – Esko, a global provider of software and hardware for packaging management and collaboration, design, workflow automation, and production, released a new product, “Consumer Insights for Store Visualizer” today. Store Visualizer is Esko’s virtual reality software experience that helps Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Retail and Life Science companies create and present store concepts in 3D. Consumer Insights is an add-on module to Esko Store Visualizer.

What is Consumer Insights?

Consumer Insights captures a research participant’s shopping experience in a virtual environment. As shoppers move inside the virtual store, their product interactions and purchasing decisions are captured. Integration with standard eye-tracking hardware captures actual eye movements for detailed metrics, and heat maps show what the research participant focuses on, on-the-shelf.

Researchers can even send the user on a shopping spree and watch his or her behavior and journey throughout the virtual store. Through visual behavior research and analysis, CPG brands can hyper-target their ideal consumer segments.

“Today’s research departments at CPG companies are under more pressure to deliver agile and relevant insights. However, current data collection methods are too slow and often too expensive, making it difficult to scale research projects. Consumer Insights replaces more traditional analog methods, so research capacity can scale to perform more studies with more participants, in a fraction of the time,” says Esko Product Manager, Susie Stitzel.

Why Bring Research In-House?

Currently, companies rely on third-parties or create and use shelf-sets printed at 100% of size or physical aisles for testing. This is both time-consuming and expensive. Using Consumer Insights for Store Visualizer, companies can eliminate physical or printed shelf-sets. As a brand’s packaging is refreshed or rebranded, companies can run test scenarios quickly to get feedback and analysis.

Key features of Consumer Insights include:

  • Ability to import and convert planograms
  • Simulate a live-shopping experience
  • Live playback of heat maps of one or many participants
  • Playback eye-tracking fixation points
  • Export data to other analytics packages

“Creating a virtual store and bringing focus groups in-house helps expedite the go-to-market process, said Esko, Brand Solutions Product Manager, Susie Stitzel. “Utilizing eye-tracking technology, like Consumer Insights, companies can capture and measure design impact. Knowing your ideal consumer, you can successfully design, market, and better position your product where it really matters, on the store shelf.”

Consumer Insights is now live and available for purchase. Learn more by visiting:

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