BEYONDIT GROUP uses Esko Studio to save time and produce better 3D PDF packaging files for its clients

Mexico-City based packaging design group uses Studio for virtual packaging, shrink sleeves, virtual packaging, and store placement

Mexico City (Mexico), October 2016 – Time is very important for any designer. The Designit service department of BEYONDIT GROUP has been using Esko Studio ( to save considerable time in the design and production of packaging for its clients.

An international leader in brand management, packaging and POP

Based in Polanco in Mexico City, BEYONDIT GROUP is a global consulting firm with extensive experience in strategy and brand management as well as in the conceptualization and design of product/service and packaging. Currently they have multidisciplinary talents of more than 30 people serving multinational companies, local and small entrepreneurs from different sectors. With over 10 years of experience working for some of the most recognized brands globally, BEYONDIT GROUP is distinguished in its field and serves the US, Europe and Latin America. Their commitment is to quality, so they focus on securing control of all graphic production processes. Through their work they guide the production of design for packaging and ensure that all the end results are aligned to standards, brand guidelines and regulations for new products coming to market are of the highest quality. The company has four service groups: Brandit for branding; InStoreit for POP materials; Mobileit for Web content and apps; and Designit for production.

Before they invested in Studio, the Designit production and design team was using Photoshop, Illustrator, and other tools to add graphics to designs and create 3D images for client presentations. They were able to show customers two sides of the product, but never the entire product.

"Time is extremely important to us. Whenever we can save time for our clients, it is very beneficial," explains Armando Torrijos, Head of Production and Quality Management of DesignIt. "One of our designers, Adriana Terán Mendoza, had worked with Esko Studio in the past. She told us that it would be very useful for us. Esko demonstrated it to us, and we immediately saw how it could be very helpful."

Now, with Studio, DesignIt can show all sides of a design. While they create some of the more complex animations and provide some of the Colada structure product shapes with Maya 3D, they use Studio for all of the effects and to create 3D PDF files for client presentations.

"In Studio, we can create labels and boxes and symmetrical bottles, where we add all of the graphics, and also plan for shrink sleeves, very efficiently. The complex jobs that used to take us two hours now take fifteen minutes," adds Torrijos.

One of the jobs DesignIt worked on was the design of a shrink sleeve for six water bottles. "As any designer knows, creating shrink sleeves is very difficult because the graphics are distorted. Before Studio, we had to be very careful where we placed our graphics, so we could be assured that they would not distort. After we created a design, we had to hope that it would reproduce correctly," remembers Torrijos. "Now, with Studio for shrink sleeves, we can design shrink sleeves quickly without worrying about design placement, and we immediately see what it will look like. And, it is ready for production."

With Store Visualizer, they were able to put together a number of product cartons, stack them up virtually, and see how it would look in a store.

"We are very happy with Studio, and all of its tools," concludes Torrijos. "Studio has simplified our work and made our jobs more efficient. We cannot work without it."