Esko’s new ArtPro+ brings innovation to packaging design and prepress with native PDF editor

Ghent (Belgium), September 01, 2016 – Esko’s ( ArtPro+, a PDF Native packaging design and prepress editor for packaging professionals, is now available with the newly launched Esko Software Platform. ArtPro+ features a complete clean sheet design to address the needs of today’s packaging and prepress professionals. The innovative prepress editor runs on both PC and Mac, features a state-of-the art 64-bit architecture and is 100% PDF native. A no-charge upgrade is available to existing ArtPro and PackEdge customers on maintenance contracts.

Esko unveiled ArtPro+ at drupa 2016 and also showed it at the EskoWorld user group in the U.S., to rave reviews and tremendous demand. According to Bernard Zwaenepoel, Esko Senior Vice President, Software, “Users who have adopted ArtPro+ have already consistently reported greater efficiency and faster job turnaround using the new editor.”

ArtPro is a de facto standard for packaging and labels prepress worldwide. Its users are part of a global community of more than 25,000 users of Esko editors for the packaging industry.

Jonathan Cannon of Imagenet and his team are among that enthusiastic user community. He says, “The user interface of ArtPro+ delivers a true ‘next level’ user experience.”

ArtPro+ is part of the Esko Software Platform, the latest version of Esko’s market-leading portfolio of integrated software solutions for design, prepress, workflow automation, color management and supply chain collaboration in packaging, labels, displays and signs.

Ease of use

Zwaenepoel adds, “ArtPro+ is ideal for packaging designers and prepress professionals that don’t yet have a dedicated design and prepress tool. With ArtPro+, users get an easy-to-use solution with a short learning curve, enabling them to professionally and efficiently complete packaging and label prepress.”

ArtPro+’s unique and intuitive user interface features a tool selector wheel that provides the user instant access to the right tools wherever he happens to be working in the design, removing all clutter from the screen.  

Zwaenepoel reports that ease of use is a key attraction for ArtPro+, “In this redesign, we have completely restructured the user interface in order to display information in context: where it is needed, when it is needed. Feedback from existing and new editor users confirms that this unique feature greatly contributes to their ability to work faster and more intuitively, dramatically increasing productivity.

Anthony De Meyer of St-Luc LABELS & PACKAGING agrees, saying, "ArtPro+ is fast and straightforward with a clean interface that keeps the operator focused on the job."

Automated prepress workflow

To get the most out of ArtPro+, it can be integrated with an automated workflow that performs repetitive tasks in the background. This increased automation means that operators can be freed from mundane and repetitive ”click” tasks, releasing them to focus on quality control and exception processing.

Simplicity = Time Savings

With its inherent simplicity, the time savings on operator training for ArtPro+ is estimated at 28%. This and other efficiencies deliver a fast ROI for new users and immediate productivity improvements for existing editor customers when they take advantage of the free upgrade.

Smooth transition and full compatibility

While ArtPro+ is a clean-sheet design, Esko has maintained compatibility with previous versions to ensure a smooth transition during and after the upgrade process for existing ArtPro users. All archived files from Esko editors remain fully editable in ArtPro+.


In addition, in October subscription options will become available that convert the ArtPro+ investment from a capital to an operating expense.”

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