Esko takes the production of retail displays to a new level with ArtiosCAD Display Store

New end-to-end solutions from Esko help make providers’ operations more efficient, from design to finishing, spurring business growth

Gent (Belgium), 07 December 2016 – With its release of ArtiosCAD Display Store, Esko is significantly increasing productivity in the production of visual communications for retail and other environments where compelling signage and packaging can drive additional business. Anything that lends an unusual shape or structure to a large-format display or package creates more added-value for the retailer than flat signs and objects. This is one of the reasons why many advertising and large-format converters are expanding their portfolios, installing end-to-end solutions that will enable them to create these types of value-added applications in a streamlined fashion, from design right through to production. Among other significant innovations that Esko presented at drupa earlier this year, ArtiosCAD Display Store provides a set of solutions that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of creative design, print preparation and finishing.


A new online design platform is a new online platform that makes display and packaging design a piece of cake, turning new design ideas into reality in no time at all. Based on a comprehensive online library of tried-and-tested design templates and basic parameters, the online shop offers a wide selection of designs requiring only size adjustment to be ready for production. This takes both time and potential error out of the design process.

ArtiosCAD users now have access to an affordable and continually growing source of new ideas for display designs that can be produced on Kongsberg converting equipment. Advertising technicians and display manufacturers can access a library of more than 325 re-sizeable, pre-tested display designs in the ArtiosCAD Design Store. These designs fast and easy to use, even for those with no experience in complex construction and 3D design. Each design package also contains an animated 3D-film that can be used as a customer presentation, uploaded on a website or serve as an instruction manual for the finished product.


What customers are saying about ArtiosCAD Display Store

Positive market feedback to this innovative approach to display and package design is reflected in feedback from customers like Joe Theodore, Director, Spirits & Creative, Roe Marketing Group who said, “We are constantly under pressure to create new and interesting designs. The ArtiosCAD Display Store has changed the way in which we present our designs to our customers. We now visit the online store with the customer to collaboratively choose from the various available designs.” –

Joe Theodore speaks for many other Display Store customers by adding, “Creating customised designs is very labour-intensive, especially on those occasions when numerous modifications are required and we have to produce a new sample each time to make size and appearance fit. Designs from the ArtiosCAD Display Store fit perfectly from the word go, saving valuable time. We are confident that the ArtiosCAD Display Store will be a key enabler to our business growth.”

Other customer feedback includes:

“We are delighted with the designs from the ArtiosCAD Display Store. They save an awful lot of time, especially in client consultations. The best thing about it is how well all the designs work.” – Juan Sabater, Owner Sabater Graphic Arts

“The scope and variety of the available design templates is really very impressive.” – Simon Cowdry, Gpex.

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