Walgreens Boots Alliance - Customer Testimonial - Esko

See How Walgreens Boots Alliance Improved their Content and Merchandising Process with WebCenter and MediaBeacon

Watch the video to learn how Walgreens Boots Alliance increased their productivity by using WebCenter and MediaBeacon.

Boots is part of the Walgreens Boots Alliance and their portfolio includes cosmetic brands such as No. 7, Soap & Glory, and Botanics. Before Esko, the process for merchandising, creative, and promotional work was disorganized, informal, and inefficient.

Watch the video to learn how Walgreens Boots Alliance used WebCenter workflow management and MediaBeacon digital asset management to increase productivity by an estimated 50%. They enabled a few key improvements through:

  • Automatic workflow for content creation and distribution
  • Trackable content feedback from a single source
  • Product images self-serve for multiple departments