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Share & Approve

Cycles d’approbation 3 fois plus courts.

Prenez le contrôle de vos cycles d’approbation avec Esko Share & Approve !

What’s new in Share & Approve

Forward approval (Improvements)
As an approver, it’s now possible to forward the approval to another user or email address. Now this person will be invited and becomes responsible for the approval in your stead.

Conical warp grids
You can now create conical warp grids with ArtPro+ by entering the necessary dimensions or by selecting a technical drawing in your artwork, in which case the warp engine will automatically calculate the parameters to match the selected technical drawing. Once the grid is created, you can warp your artwork in the same way as when using legacy GRID files.

Approval KPIs
Display some simple approval KPI’s like pending approvers, approval cycle length, rejection analysis...

Localized emails
Localize the language in your emails, so you can send emails in any language to the customers of our customers

Combine structure and 2D graphics
Structural documents like Collada and CAD can immediately be combined with 2D graphical documents in order to create realistic 3D mockups.

Esko Support Access
Give Esko support engineers access to your site. This will give temporarily give admin privileges to Esko support.