The Royal Group makes design projects available to all of its plants

Each plant of The Royal Group tended to do its own processes, and its own designs. ArtiosCAD Enterprise helped The Royal Group to standardize all of the project information and make it available and searchable for all the sites.


The Royal Group

The Royal Group


The Royal Group has multiple locations in the east and mid-west of the USA, that work together. They wanted a way to communicate much easier between plants, particularly in sharing projects and designs.

ArtiosCAD Browser


ArtiosCAD Enterprise, an online central database with user login security.

It allows ArtiosCAD users to save and retrieve all assets (CAD, PDF, Word, Excel, 3D files...).


For The Royal Group, ArtiosCAD Enterprise has multiple benefits:

  • with a minimal of training, it is easy to use
  • it provides access to projects and files 24/7
  • it has allowed The Royal Group to standardize files and forms across all of its plants
  • all of the information in all the plants is available and searchable, and that saves a lot of time
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We have been using ArtiosCAD Enterprise for approximately 6 months and one of the things we like best about it is it's been able to provide us access to projects and files, around the clock. A lot of people end up working weekends and nights and they are able to access the files that they need.

Kelly Ghassemian, Director of Packaging Systems, The Royal Group, USA